Luisa e le Impirasesse

A 'perled' life.

Luisa Conventi became involved in the fascinating world of the conterie as a young girl when, for her uncle Toni de Lorenzi's company, she began to create earrings and other small objects of glass beads for trade fairs.

Terminati gli studi nel 1987, decide di aprire La ditta GIOIA–the company of Joy–a small workshop all her own. As requests increased, she began to expand and by 2000, she had seven collaborators working with her to fill the demand.

Together, combining antique materials from family archives with new, innovative, contemporary, even bizarre jewelry ideas: the fruit of a collaboration among creative, skilled artisan women who work with love and passion.

Le Feste delle Impiraresse

As foreign competition increased, Luisa decided to undertake—through the creation of public events, demonstrations and conferences—the celebration and diffusion of the knowledge of this ancient craft, that for centuries has played an important part in the SOCIAL FABRIC of the city of Venice. Thus was born the Feste delle Impiraresse.

The first edition was born in 2009 from a friend’s idea. In no time, other friends become involved in the project and form an ‘official’ group: FRIENDS OF THE IMPIRARESSE.

They work, offer ideas and have created together with Luisa a series of Feste that vary with each edition, but retain the common denominator of having as the protagonists, the
IMPIRARESSE, glass bead threaders and artisans, that as years pass have more involvement. and citizen participation..

Renewed, Reinvented, Re-Imagined

In 2021, after a long period of closure due to the pandemic, Luisa re-immagines, renovates and reopens her historic premises with A WHOLE NEW PRESENCE:
• an exhibition recounting the story of the impiraresse
• an area for the sale of their creations, and
• an area for workshops for those who want to learn the art of the impiraresse.

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