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Here at La Corte, in a space that since the 1950s has been dedicated to the Venetian bead in all its forms, you can shop, schedule a workshop, and explore an unique, extraordinary exhibition devoted to this fascinating craft.

As much a culture as an occupation, the impiraresse—the bead threaders of Venice—encompass a story rich in memories of places and people, and one that in December 2020 was also recognized by UNESCO as an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

IM-PI-RA-RES-SE: From the Venetian verb "impirar" (to thread), this was work carried out exclusively by women at home. Holding wire needles like a fan (the most skilled could manage up to 120), the "impiraresse" threaded the wires by dipping them into a "sessola", or scoop filled with "conterie" seed beads. The beaded wires were then formed into “mazze,” or bundles, and eventually expertly combined to become beautiful beaded objects.

DISCOVER: The Exhibition

Immerse yourself in this unique, lush and engaging presentation that from individuals to companies, recounts the big story of these tiny “conterie” seed beads. Ask about guided visits.

SHOP: Artisanal Souvenirs

Everything you find here is fatto con amore—made with love—by the expert hands of Luisa or by one of her impiraresse colleagues.

LEARN: Private Workshops

From seeing to doing. There is no better way to enter the world of today's impiraresse than to become one yourself. Find out how to organize a personalized workshop.

PRESENT: Gather here

Looking for a welcoming, well-equipped space to present a project, hold a meeting or gather together? You've found it.


Contact us to find out more about La Corte de le Impiraresse, an exciting new entry among the most evocative in Venezia.

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